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Double Arm Tillers

We have the following tillers for N-Model cylinders available from inventory. These tillers are pilot bored. Jastram can custom bore and key to your specification. Please contact your dealer or Wagner Engineering for details.

We have all of the parts listed below available for same day shipment from our factory at competitive list prices. To order simply call Wagner Engineering at +1-(604)-988-1111 ext 148

Our dealers also carry inventory and all of these parts can also be ordered from your local dealer. Local dealers may also sell for less.

WA-260-0192 126kg.m $241.00
WA-260-0193 200kg.m $437.00
WA-260-0194 320kg.m $777.00
WA-260-0195 500kg.m $735.00
WA-260-0196 800kg.m $1,204.00
WA-260-0197 1260kg.m $1,980.00
WA-260-0198 441kg.m $2,034.00
WA-260-0199 882kg.m $2,088.00

Prices are ex-works North Vancouver, British Columbia. Shipping and handling charges will depend on location and service required.