The RFU 400 is mechanically linked to the ship's rudder and converts the position of the rudder into electronic signals. The RFU 400 can output to a Rudder Angle Indicator (RAI) to display the rudder position to the vessel’s operators; this signal is referred to as the rudder angle signal.

To generate a rudder angle signal, Wagner's RFU 400 operates in "stand-alone" mode. The RFU contains a circuit board that regulates its own power supply. This configuration ensures that all electronic circuitry necessary to develop a rudder angle signal is contained within the RFU.


Supply Voltage 12-36 VDC
Resistance 1 kΩ ±10%
Linearity 1%
Operating Cycles 10 million turns
Rudder Indication Range ±47°
Ingress Protection IP65
Operating Temperature Limits -20°C to +50°C
Recommended Indicator Specifications
Ingress Protection IP65

List Pricing

Description CAD ($) USD ($)
RFU400 760.00 798.00