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Model B3-B4

Wagner Engineering is committed to helping you maintain your vessel's steering. We have a large inventory of B3-B4 parts available at reasonable prices for immediate shipment. Parts not available off the shelf can usually be manufactured within a short time. Please contact your dealer or Wagner Engineering for details.

Diagram (tap or hover over diagram to zoom)

Model B3-B4 Helm Pump Assembly Diagram

Check Ball Orientation

Model B3-B4 Helm Pump Check Ball Orientation Diagram

Parts Available

We have all of the parts listed below available for same day shipment from our factory at competitive list prices. To order simply call Wagner Engineering at +1-(604)-988-1111 ext 148

Our dealers also carry inventory and all of these parts can also be ordered from your local dealer. Local dealers may also sell for less.

3 WA-320-0075 Shaft $140.00
8, 15, 22, 23, 35 WA-119-0085 B pump seal kit (includes the following -
1x gasket PN WA-10-300015,
1x o-ring PN WA-11-106133,
2x o-ring PN WA-11-106016,
1x o-ring PN WA-11-106006 &
1x shaft seal PN WA-10-500009)
4 WA-21-200009 Bearing inner race $58.00
5 WA-21-200010 Bearing outer race $24.00
6 WA-91-990001 Washer $5.00
7 WA-51-209004 Capscrew $3.00
10 WA-21-100016 Bearing $22.00
11 WA-41-132002 Pipe plug $2.00
14 WA-21-100006 Bearing $22.00
17 WA-21-300002 Check ball $1.00
18 WA-51-170018 Dowell pin $1.00
19 WA-400-0164 1/2" lockvalve $429.00
20 WA-51-210046 Capscrew $1.00
21 WA-51-430005 Lockwasher $1.00
24 WA-91-990006 Wire ball stop $11.00
26 WA-31-100055 $13.00
27 WA-92-991005 Piston insert $12.00
28 WA-51-102010 Key $3.00
30 WA-320-0083 Bearing plate $68.00
32 WA-91-990004 Bearing cage $16.00
33, 34 WA-111-0004 Dipstick kit (includes the following -
1x dipstick tube PN WA-292-0016 &
1x dipstick PN WA-91-998009)
36 WA-51-102007 Key $4.00

Prices are ex-works North Vancouver, British Columbia. Shipping and handling charges will depend on location and service required.

There are currently no parts available by special order from Wagner Engineering. Please contact your dealer or Wagner Engineering at +1-(604)-988-1111 ext 148 for details.

If you are looking for a part that isn't listed on this page, please inquire directly to Wagner Engineering at +1-(604)-988-1111 ext 148 or at one of your local dealers